The European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO) is a higher learning institution that offers students a well-rounded education based on academic excellence and personal commitment. Along with the specific competencies required in each area or discipline, the University guarantees that students will acquire a high level of proficiency in English, as well as cross-curricular skills in cutting-edge technology, team-work and project planning and management.

UNEATLANTICO is an integral part of the Spanish university system and as such offers official degrees. The educational model is classroom based and places particular emphasis on information technology and communication along with a practical orientation. This learning model encourages student autonomy as well as skill acquisition associated with professional fields.

In addition, to be able to help students become fully involved in a highly competitive job market, the University has signed collaborative agreements with companies and individuals in different professional areas. The synergy created between UNEATLANTICO, industry, and society in general, generates the potential for professional profiles in the most innovative areas.


Collaboration agreements with companies and professionals from different areas.

The European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO) is dynamic and flexible, with the capability of adapting to student needs through personalized attention. The teaching faculty is made up of professors from Spain and other countries; as well as professionals, researchers and renowned academics.

Our academic offering is organized into official undergraduate (grados) and post-graduate (masters) degrees, as well as independent, UNEATLANTICO-based degrees. The University houses the faculties of Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, and the Higher School of Polytechnics.

The Entrepreneurial Culture

The University that believes in your projects

The European University of the Atlantic promotes entrepreneurial initiatives and encourages students to become familiar with the business world, through the development of creative and innovative thinking, in accordance with the industrial environment and culture surrounding the University.

Our students are involved in real projects and activities related to their profession from the first year. This experience is enhanced by cross-curricular skill acquisition such as creating one´s own company, participating in various projects and creating synergies among them, appreciating and experiencing teamwork, developing leadership skills, and improving communicative competence.

The University, in strategic alliance with professionals, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, encourages student entrepreneurs to start projects, working with and guiding them toward a launch into the job market. UNEATLANTICO collaborates with investment funds that are specialized in preparing and financing new business projects (Business Angels), and makes space and installations available to students to begin their business activities.