Official Degrees and Double Degrees


Dual Degrees

The Universidad Europea del Atlántico offers students the option of taking a Dual Undergraduate Degree. Students enrolled on this programme will receive a complete education in both of the degrees chosen, providing them with the professional competence to respond to challenges posed by a job market in constant flux.

Sport and Exercise Science   - Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Human Nutrition and Dietetics   - Sport and Exercise Science
- Food Science and Technology
- Agro-Food Engineering
Food Science and Technology   - Human Nutrition and Dietetics
- Agro-Food Engineering
Agro-Food Engineering   - Human Nutrition and Dietetics
- Food Science and Technology
Computer Engineering   - Industrial Organisation Engineering
Industrial Organisation Engineering   - Computer Engineering
- Business Administration and Management
Business Administration and Management   - Industrial Organisation Engineering
Applied Languages   - Translation and Interpretation
Translation and Interpretation   - Applied Languages
Journalism   - Advertising and Public Relations
- Audiovisual Communication
Advertising and Public Relations   - Journalism
- Audiovisual Communication
Audiovisual Communication   - Journalism
- Advertising and Public Relations