Scientific Production


As a result of the research carried out at UNEATLANTICO, it is worth highlighting, on the one hand, the scientific publications written on the various fields of knowledge given the multidisciplinary nature of practically all the research projects undertaken and, on the other, the ICT tools created as a tangible response to applied research.

Scientific Publications

Aggressive thinking on the road. The mediation effect of aggressive thinking in the relationship between driving anger and aggression in Romanian drivers.

Bogdan, S. & Herrero-Fernández, D. (2018)

Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behavior, 55, 153 – 166.


Adaptation and validation of the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test to a Spanish simple.

Redondo, I., & Herrero-Fernández, D. (2018)

Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 23(4), 201 – 217.

Adaptación del Empathy Quotient (EQ) en una muestra española.

Redondo, I., & Herrero-Fernández, D. (2018)

Terapia Psicológica, 36(2), 81-89.

Propiedades psicométricas de una versión breve del Driving Anger Expression Inventory (DAX) en conductores españoles.

Herrero-Fernández, D.; Oliva-Macías, M.; & Parada-Fernández, P. (2019)

Acción Psicológica, 16(1), 63-74.

Psychometrics of the SCL-90-R and development and testing of brief versions SCL-45-I and SCL-9-I in infertile couples.

Martínez-Pampliega, A.; Herrero-Fernández, D.; Martín, S. & Cormenzana, S. (2019)

Nursing Research, 68(4), E1 – E10.

Predicción de la accidentabilidad en función de los comportamientos arriesgados y agresivos al volante: Diferencias según la edad y el género.

Herrero-Fernández, D.; Oliva-Macías, P., & Parada-Fernández, P. (2019)

Revista de Psicopatología y Psicología Clínica, 24(2), 93 – 104.

Validation of a scale for assessing social validity in mindfulness-based educational programs.

López-González, L.; Herrero-Fernández, D.; Amutio, A., Santamaría, T., & Van William, G. (2019)

Mindfulness, 10(9), 1870-1882.

Expectativas premigratorias y satisfacción vital en inmigrantes latinoamericanas.

Peñas, S.; Herrero-Fernández, D.; Merino, L.; Corral, S., & Martínez-Pampliega, A. (2019)

Revista Iberoamericana de Diagnóstico y Evaluación Psicológica, 53(4), 91-100.

Development of the Pedestrian Anger Scale. A pilot study.

Herrero-Fernández, D.; Oliva-Macía, M., & Parada-Fernández, P. (2019)

The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 22, e37.


Validation of the CaMir-R attachment questionnaire in an adult Spanish simple.

Redondo, I., & Herrero-Fernández, D. (2019)

Revista Argentina de Clínica Psicológica, 28(5), 925-936.

Social cognition, personality dimensions and clinical symptoms as variable predictors in people with polydrug abuse in treatment.

Parada-Fernández, P., Oliva-Macías, M., & Herrero-Fernández, D. (2020)

Revista de Psicopatología y Psicología Clínica 25, 23-30

The influence of emotional state on risk perception in pedestrians: a psychophysiological approach.

Herrero-Fernández, D.; Parada-Fernández, P.; Oliva-Macías, M., & Jorge, R. (2020)

Safety Science, 130, 104857.

Transnational links and family functioning in reunited Latin American families: premigration variables´ impact.

Peñas, S.; Herrero-Fernández, D.; Merino, L.; Corral, S. & Martínez-Pampliega, A. (2020)

Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 26(3), 306-317.

Stressful life events and hopelessness in adults: the mediating role of mentalization and emotional dysregulation.

Parada-Fernández, P., Herrero-Fernández, D., & Oliva-Macías, M. (2020)

Brazilian Journal of Psychiatric 10, 23-34.

Using a Virtual Serious Game (Deusto-e- eotion1.0) to assess the Theory of Mind in primary school children: observational descriptive study.

Lázaro, E., et al., Parada-Fernández. (2020)

JMIR Serious Games, 8(1), 1-14.

Reconocimiento de expresión facial emocional en el trastorno de déficit de atención e hiperactividad en la infancia.

Oliva, M., Parada, P., Amayra, I., Lazaro, E., & López, J. (2018)

Revista de Psicopatología y Psicología Clínica, 23, 79-88

Validity and reliability of an instrument for assessing the ability to identify emotional facial expressions in healthy children and in children with ADHD, between the ages of 8 and 11 years: the FEEL Test.

Lázaro, E.; Amayra, I., López-Paz, J. F et al...Parada, P., Al Rashaida, M. & Hoffman, H. (2016)

Journal of Attention Disorders Online.

DOI: 10.1177/1087054716682335

Hacia un modelo de formación en sexualidad y afectividad a familias de adolescentes con discapacidad cognitiva.

Polanco, M. y Martín, J.L.

Diversitas,13 (2), 187-199.


ITC Created Tools


PREVENT-SOS: Technological developments to identify risks in natural aquatic spaces

As a result of the project “PREVENT-SOS: Technological developments to identify risks in natural aquatic spaces” brought about the creation of a digital tool that includes the development of an entire methodology that enables: i) identifying risks (both static and dynamic) on beaches; ii) quickly and efficiently registering all the information required for a truly representative statistical analysis, iii) managing the identified risks (both for lifeguards and beach coordinators) and, iv) informing the end user (bathers). The set of actions proposed in this methodological development is aimed at preventing drowning, which represents the second cause of unnatural death worldwide.


Development of an assesSment tOol for predicting the dynamic riSk of drowning on bEAcheS – SOSeas

As a consequence of the previous project, the current project “Development of an assesSment tOol for predicting the dynamic riSk of drowning on bEAcheS - SOSeas” is being developed at the European level, which aims to export the developed methodology to bathing areas around the world. To this end, given that dynamic risks are specific to each geographical area, it was observed that obtaining the meteorological-oceanographic information was a limiting factor given the diversity of sources and formats in which it is usually presented. To solve this problem, the necessary channels to access the Copernicus Program databases have been integrated into the tool ( This project is being developed in collaboration with IH Cantabria. For more information, please consult the website ( and the APP still being created for this project currently underway ( The results obtained are being validated on Brazilian beaches used as pilot study areas at the international level outside Spain and Europe.



New mechanisms to understand the risk of injury in sport at different stages of the sports season

As a result of the project "New mechanisms to know the risk of injury in sport in different periods of the sports season" a digital tool has been created to control the injuries of each athlete, as well as their biomechanical constants, eating habits and state of emotional health in such a way that there is information that combines several factors at an important level of detail and in a personalized manner for each player. In this way, inputs are obtained to generate a statistical analysis that alerts us on the athlete’s probabilities of suffering a certain injury.


Study on the influence of physical exercise during pregnancy on the prevention of the consequences of excessive weight gain

As a result of the project "Study on the influence of physical exercise during pregnancy on the prevention of the consequences of excessive weight gain" the web page came to be, and was presented at the first meeting of the Spanish Thematic Network on Exercise during Pregnancy. This website is being recognized as a link of interest from the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO), the University Hospital of Fuenlabrada, ANIS, Farmacosalud, Clínica Zuatzu, among others.