Business University Center (CEMU)


UNEATLANTICO’s Centro Empresa Universidad (Business University Center) (CEMU) helps students in finding internships, promoting their access to the labor market, as well as guiding them in the creation of their own companies.

To achieve these goals, a large collaboration network has been created with companies and institutions working in coordination with the University in terms of innovation, professional guidance, and entrepreneurship.

Among the services provided by CEMU are the following:

Services offered by CEMU

Practical Training in Companies and Institutions

  • Programa de Iniciación a la Empresa (Company Initiation Program). The first and second-year students enjoy their first contact with the labor world.
  • Practicum. UNEATLANTICO students from every year participate in this mandatory program during the last years of their careers.
  • Programa Fin de Grado en Empresas (Final Degree Project in Companies Program). Aimed to develop the Final Degree Project (FDP) in a real working environment.
  • Prácticas académicas externas (External Academic Internships). Voluntary training in companies recognized in the European Diploma Supplement.

Professional Access Itineraries

Actions aimed at discovering the labor market and job-hunting techniques.

  • Visits to work centers.
  • Programa Empresa en el Aula (Company in the Lecture Hall Program). Executives, technicians, owners, and/or entrepreneurs approach the lecture hall to share their professional experiences with the students.
  • Programa Empléate (Find a Job Program). Workshops aimed at job-hunting: resume writing, interview preparation, social network positioning, and group dynamics, among others.
  • Job Offerings. Introduction to public and private job offerings.

Training for entrepreneurs

Every study program offered by UNEATLANTICO includes a business economics and entrepreneurship course focused on knowledge acquisition to develop new business ideas.

Business and Professional Advice

UNEATLANTICO has a Consejo Empresarial y Profesional (Business and Professional Council) (CEP) that consists of businesses, institutions, and professionals who know and periodically evaluate the activities carried out in the University.