Psychological Assistance and Orientation Center



Psychological Assistance and Orientation Center Service

The European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO) is a higher education academic institution that offers its students a comprehensive training based on excellence and that is deeply committed to the need to train not only professionals, but also to providing training for autonomous and cooperative human beings who have critical thinking as to be able to analyze themselves and their reality. Along with the specific competences required in each area or discipline, the University guarantees that students will acquire a high level of proficiency in English, as well as cross-curricular skills in cutting-edge technology, teamwork and project planning and management. The University follows a dynamic and flexible organization that takes into account the needs of the students and tries to meet them by offering students a personalized attention, both at individual and group levels.

A specific need arises in this academic and formative context: providing tools for the cognitive and socio-emotional development of the people that make up the different university groups. With this in mind, a personal-social development project is proposed, aimed at young students, teaching staff belonging to the European University of the Atlantic. It is considered as a growth space that provides tools to both students and teachers.

In this way, the Office is aimed at promoting the interconnection and complementation of the endeavor of students and teachers as essential actors in the institutional context and in the teaching-learning as an essential process generator of options for a mutual development. For which it will be managed the identification of needs and expectations with regard to the performance of both roles, as well as the design of actions supporting their fulfillment.


Objectives related to the students:

  • Promoting a good academic performance.
  • Enhancing resources and competences associated to the teaching-learning process.
  • Facilitating the adaptation to college life.
  • Increasing the students’ satisfaction regarding the teachers’ role in the teaching-learning process.

Objectives related to the teaching staff:

  • Supporting the development of their teaching practice.
  • Promoting the psychological well-being of the teaching staff, according to the psycho-pedagogical attention needs they may have.
  • Enhancing teachers resources and tools for their performance as teachers and their management of the classroom as a social space.
  • Encouraging the exchange of experiences and cooperative reflection among teachers.


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