Engage in your profession from the very beginning

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Engage in your profession from the very beginning


UNEATLANTICO creates an authentic business environment

The campus of the Universidad Europea del Atlántico is designed so that students can practise their profession from the first year onwards. The University offers modern and fully-equipped facilities that simulate the authentic business environments that students will experience upon completing their degree. There are laboratories for the study of Physiology, Food Technology,Languages, Food Science and Biomechanics, while dedicated facilities are provided for projects involving computing, business, nutritional assistance,psychological guidance and counselling, and translation and interpretation.In addition, the University also offers computer labs, a library, as well as radio and television production and post-production studios.

Faculty motivate students to become involved in campus life and guide them towards creating projects and developing ideas that enhance their professional development from the the very first year of their studies. The learning model is not limited to covering a syllabus, but intends to guarantee a solid theoretical-practical education in which students feel fully engaged in their professional area.

Furthermore, the University has signed numerous internship agreements with a wide range of business entities that complement formal university education and facilitate the development of the cross-curricular skills needed to break into the job market.

A true indication of the importance that the University places on innovation and knowledge transfer is the establishment of the Centre for Research and Industrial Technology of Cantabria (CITICAN)., CITICAN is a scientific foundation through which RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) from the academic institution is channelled.

  • Physiology lab
  • Food technology lab
  • Nutritional Science lab
  • Biomechanics lab
  • Culinary technology lab
  • Nutritional assistance centre
  • Radio studios
  • Television set
  • Post-production suite
  • Translation and interpretation centre
  • Language lab
  • Psychological assistance and orientation centre
  • Computer projects centre
  • Business projects centre
  • Library
  • Study seminars
  • Auditoriums