Investigation and Technology Centre (CITICAN)

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Investigation and Technology Centre (CITICAN)


The European University of the Atlantic has established the Investigation and Technology Centre of Cantabria (CITICAN) through which teachers and students participate in research and development projects.

CITICAN is a dynamic organization aimed at facilitating transfer of knowledge to improve the company’s competitiveness on the basis of innovation.

It is introduced as a tool at the company’s disposal to develop its R&D&I projects, to create new products, services or business models, and to improve processes in collaboration with experts from different disciplines, guided by project management professionals.

The centre operates in collaboration with the international network of the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER), as well as with other highly prestigious and experienced innovation centres with technological abilities and expertise in industrial sectors and processes, which are strategic for Cantabria.

CITICAN will develop activities such as:

  1. Carrying out R&D&I projects with companies and promoting R&D&I activities in the field of higher education.
  2. Creating research links nationally and internationally, primarily with Latin America and Europe.
  3. Providing assistance to innovation and specialized technological counselling.
  4. Disseminating knowledge through educational activities.
  5. Developing and promoting the integration of information and communication technologies in university activities, and improving the teaching methods.