Specialist Course Scholarship




New students or graduates in any of the Official Undergraduate Degrees offered at the European University of the Atlantic wishing to enroll in any of the active Specialist Course Degrees listed in the section of Official Degrees and Double Degrees.

The European University of the Atlantic wishes to offer its students the option of tailoring their education for their professional future careers.

The Specialist Course program allows students to pursue and acquire skills in areas distinct from their primary degree either concurrently with their Bachelor's or after its completion. 

To make this offer more accessible, UNEATLANTICO has initiated a scholarship program, ensuring 100% exemption from the cost of Specliast Courses not covered by the degree.

Applicant Requirements

  • Have completed the pre-registration process, are currently studying, or have finished any of the Official Degrees of UNEATLANTICO.
  • Have been admitted to the European University of the Atlantic by meeting the admission requirements set by the current regulations.

Application Procedures and Documentation

The candidate must submit the following documentation:

  • Specialist Course Scholarship Application Form: can be obtained in person at the Student and Scholarship Service of the European University of the Atlantic or by downloading it in the upper right margin.

Submitting this documentation is separate of that which has been or will be made for the purpose of pre-enrollment or enrollment in the corresponding studies.

All documentation must be delivered to the representative offices of UNEATLANTICO, or sent to:
European University of the Atlantic > Scholarship Department
Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Cantabria C/Isabel Torres 21, 39011 Santander.

Application Deadline

The application opens on January 7 and ends October 15.


The Specialist Course Scholarship can be combined with other public or private scholarships or aid, excluding those from the European University of the Atlantic.

If applying to other scholarship programs outside this institution, students must verify the compatibility of this scholarship with others they may intend to apply for, as well as accept the consequences of non-compliance with the provisions of the regulatory bases for each of the programs.

The student may apply for any other type of scholarship, exemption or aid offered by the European University of the Atlantic. However, they can only receive one, provided they meet the call requirements, except for the FUNIBER - Residence scholarship, which can be combined with the Specialist Course Scholarship.

Analysis of Candidacies and Decision

The Scholarship Committee shall determine which applications are eligible for scholarships. The decision may be issued up to and including October 30. Applicants may need to provide additional documents or corrections within 10 days if requested, with the understanding that if they fail to do so, the applicant will be considered to have renounced their request. The rectification request will be personally notified to the applicant through one of the notification channels indicated in the application request.

The Scholarship Committee's decision shall be personally communicated to the scholarship recipient. An appeal against the Committee's decision may be submitted within ten calendar days from the date of their decision. The appeal shall be evaluated and resolved by the Rector of the University within one month. No appeal shall be allowed against the decision issued by the rector to this effect.

Exemption Settlement

When a student is granted the "Specialist Course" designation, they will be 100% exempt from the tuition fees of the courses within the Specialist Course program that are not part of their primary degree. This exemption also extends to courses within their main degree after they have enrolled in or passed the required subjects related to the Specialist Course program

All information provided in this document is guided by the Scholarship Regulations of the European University of the Atlantic. Additionally, specific details of this offer are further defined in the Regulatory Bases of this particular scholarship call.