Admission to the Specific Training Program for Students




The European University of the Atlantic offers 20 seats for the Specific Training Program for Students, which will run concurrently with the degree in Computer Engineering.

The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to collaborate in real-life projects.

Applicant Requirements

  • Have exceptionally submitted the pre-registration form. To apply for access to the Program and the Bachelor's degree, there is no need to pay the reservation fee. However, subsequent formalization of the pre-registration and payment of fees is required.
  • Attend and pass various personal interviews to which they will be summoned by the Scholarships, Aid, and Training Programs Commission of the University.
  • Have gained admissions to the European University of the Atlantic by obtaining a Higher Level Training Cycle; have passed the different university entrance exams for those holding a High School Diploma or meet the admission requirements set by the current regulations.

Application procedures and documentation

The candidate must submit the following documentation:

  • Application form: may be obtained in person at the Admissions Office of the European University of the Atlantic or by downloading it from the top right-hand margin.
  • Photocopy of valid DNI, NIE or passport
  • Personal academic transcript of the studies that grant admission to the Degree. Average grade obtained or, failing that, the grades for each subject.
  • Pre-registration Application
  • Curriculum vitae, including professional experience, training in the field of the degree, personal projects initiated within the computer engineering field, etc.

Submitting this documentation is separate of that which has been or will be made for the purpose of pre-enrollment or enrollment in the corresponding studies.

All documentation should be delivered or sent to:

European University of the Atlantic > University Representative Offices / Admissions Office

University Representative Offices according to their location (; Admissions Department, located at Isabel Torres St. 21, 39011-Santander (Spain), or by sending it to the contact email address of those departments.

Application deadline

Applications will open on November 2 and run up to and including October 15


Enrollment in the Specific Training Program for Students and its waiver for the applicable degrees is, in general, compatible with any other scholarship or aid, public or private, that could be or has been obtained. This includes potential scholarships like the FUNIBER-RESIDENCE for the university's own residence.

Should a student apply to other scholarship program outside of UNEATLANTICO, the student will be responsible for determining the compatibility of these with other similar calls or purposes, as well as accepting the consequences of non-compliance with the regulations of each program.
The student may apply for any other type of scholarship, exemption or aid offered by the European University of the Atlantic. However, they can only receive one, provided they meet the call requirements, except for the FUNIBER - Residence scholarship, which can be combined with the Profer Scholarship.

It is important to note that the obtaining the spot in this program and its corresponding exemption makes it impossible, during the student's entire stay in the Degree program where they received the scholarship, from benefiting from the Higher Polytechnic School Scholarship for the same degree program, even if the student renounces it.

Analysis of Candidacies and Decision

The Scholarships, Aid and Training Programs Committee will be responsible for determining which candidates meet the conditions for admission based on the criteria in this document.

Once all the required documentation has been submitted and the different interviews or tests have been passed, each application will be individually de. The application period will close once the number of approved resolutions reaches the total available spots.

This collegial body has the ability to request additional or clarifying documentation from any applicant. The applicant has 10 business days to rectify the omission or provide the required documents; otherwise, their request will be considered withdrawn.

The rectification request will be personally notified to the applicant through one of the notification channels indicated in the application request.

The Commission's decision will be personally communicated to the applicant, who will then have 10 business days to appeal in writing. The university's rector will resolve this appeal within one month from its receipt.  No further appeal or challenge against the rector's decision on this matter is allowed.

Exemption Settlement

If a spot in the PROFER is secured, the student will receive a waiver of up to 100% of the tuition fees for the academic year in which they gained admission. This exemption shall also apply to the undergraduate degree to which the specific training program for students is related.

To renew this status, a student must not have received an unfavorable evaluation in the report issued by the Scholarships, Aid, and Training Programs Committee in either semester of the academic year. Factors such as obtaining a satisfactory academic performance during the academic year, as well as having shown the required attendance and the fulfillment of all activities entrusted to the student within the within the program's training process.

The stipulation in this document is subject to the provisions of the University's applicable regulations.