High Performance in Sports Scholarships

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High Performance in Sports Scholarships




Students of any of the Official Degree Programs that are taught in the European University of the Atlantic:

The objective of this call is to make the regulations of the High Performance in Sports Scholarships public, a program created for the university training of elite athletes in UNEATLANTICO. Thanks to this initiative, the athlete can rely on the educational potential of this University in order to benefit from the necessary flexibility to study. As well, the athlete counts with facilities at the technological forefront that will enhance the sports performance.

Requirements for Applicants

  • Having formalized the pre-registration in any of the Official Undergraduates of UNEATLANTICO.
  • Be considered a High Performance Athlete, in accordance with the conditions laid down in Article 2 of the R.D.971/2007, of July 13th.
  • Having met the access requirements to the European University of the Atlantic, for the student is in one of the following situations: the student is in possession of a Baccalaureate diploma or an Advanced Level Specific Vocational Training diploma; the student has passed the University Entrance exams, or rather is in possession of a previous university degree and/or other university studies belonging to foreign educational systems, or, lastly, the student may have met the access requirements established in the legislation in force.

Application procedures and documentation

The candidate must submit the following documentation:

  • Scholarship Application Form: It can be obtained in person at the Student and Scholarship Service of the European University of the Atlantic or via our webpage www.uneatlantico.es.
  • Certificate of being entitled the consideration of high performance athlete issued by the competent authorities or organizations in each of the sections described in the article of the Royal Decree stated in point 2.

This documentation needs to be submitted regardless of the one that has been previously submitted or is to be submitted in order to complete the Pre-registration or the Enrollment process in the corresponding study.

All documentation must be submitted to:

European University of the Atlantic > Scholarship Service
Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Cantabria
C/Isabel Torres 21, 39011 Santander

Application deadline

The application period begins on January 7th and ends on July 15th.


The High Performance in Sports Scholarship is compatible with other scholarships or aids, may they be public or private, including the FUNIBER SCHOLARSHIP-UNIVERSITY RESIDENCE.

In the event of submitting an application to other scholarship programs outside this institution, the student will be responsible for knowing their compatibility with other calls. As well, in such case, the student must be aware of the consequences of the non-compliance with the regulations established in each of the programs.

The student may apply for other type of scholarship, exemption, or aid of the European University of the Atlantic, although it will be possible for the applicant to get it only if the eligibility criteria is met, with the exception of the FUNIBER’s Scholarship for the UNEATLANTICO Residence, which is compatible with the High Performance in Sports scholarship.

Analysis of applicants and resolution

The Scholarship Committee will be responsible for resolving which are the applications that meet the eligibility requirements. The resolution may be announced until July 31st inclusive.

Applicants may be required, within a period of 10 calendar days, to submit any additional documents needed, together with a written notification stating that the application will be withdrawn otherwise. The request for additional documentation will be made by written notification via the communication channels stated on the scholarship application.

The Scholarship Committee’s resolution will be personally notified to the scholarship holder. It is possible for the applicant to appeal against the decision of the Committee, within 10 calendar days from the resolution date. Such complaint will be assessed and resolved by the University’s Chancellor within a month. The decision made by the Chancellor to this effect is not subject to appeal.

Scholarship Payment

There are two types of scholarships, depending on the percentage of applicable economic exemption. First, for those high-performance athletes classified under the headings a), b) and c) of the R.D, the percentage of exemption on the tuition fees will be 50%, while, for those enclosed within headings d), e), f) and g), the applicable percentage will be 25% on the same concept described above.

The scholarship holder is committed to complying, with any collaboration in the sports or the institutional field or in any other activity considered in the regulations of this scholarship, with no harm for the elite athlete's development.

UNEATLANTICO offers the elite athlete flexibility to attend class and do homework by providing the athlete with a tutor. In turn, the elite athlete can use the facilities and laboratories on the University Campus to improve the athletic performance.

The European University of Atlantic considers the possibility of an automatic renewal of the High Performance in Sports Scholarship until the completion of the degree. To this end, the student must, year after year, certify the status as a High Performance athlete and pass 80% of the enrolled credits in the previous course. In the same way, it will be necessary to submit the required documentation and exceed the requirements established in these or future regulations.

The information described in this document is subject to the provisions of the Regulations of Scholarships of the European University of the Atlantic as well as to the particularities of the regulations corresponding to this call.