Dual Degree


The Universidad Europea del Atlántico offers students the option of taking a Dual Undergraduate Degree. Students enrolled on this programme will receive a complete education in both of the degrees chosen, providing them with the professional competence to respond to challenges posed by a job market in constant flux.

Sport and Exercise Science   Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Human Nutrition and Dietetics   Sport and Exercise Science
Food Science and Technology
Agro-Food Engineering
Food Science and Technology   Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Agro-Food Engineering
Agro-Food Engineering   Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Food Science and Technology
Computer Engineering   Industrial Organisation Engineering
Industrial Organisation Engineering   Computer Engineering
Business Administration and Management
Business Administration and Management   Industrial Organisation Engineering
Applied Languages   Translation and Interpretation
Translation and Interpretation   Applied Languages
Journalism   Advertising and Public Relations
Audiovisual Communication
Advertising and Public Relations   Journalism
Audiovisual Communication
Audiovisual Communication   Journalism
Advertising and Public Relations